The iSnare system features an alternating injection needle and hexagonal polypectomy snare operated by a multi-functional handle reducing device exchange and enabling immediate snare resection following injection.

The iSnare system is ideal for endoscopic mucosal resection and submucosal injection assisted polypectomy.

A product by STERIS
Features & benefits

Why the iSnare System – Hexagonal Snare?

  • Features an alternating injection needle and stiff, monopolar hexagonal polypectomy snare ideal for large flat lesions that are difficult to grasp
  • Enables immediate injections in response to bleb absorption/dissipation or bleeding
  • Helps aid in scope positioning throughout the procedure
  • Inject or snare at any time throughout the procedure without device exchange reduces procedure time when compared to standalone snare and needle
  • Spring loaded, luer lock handle ensures consistent needle projection and retraction
  • Single-use hexagonal snare is available with 23 gauge needle
  • Hexagonal polypectomy snare is 25x45mm

How the iSnare System – Hexagonal Snare works

The iSnare system hexagonal polypectomy snare features a 25mm snare in a 3.0mm, dual lumen catheter designed for the injection of media for submucosal lift of polyps or other mucosal lesions, using direct visualization, through a flexible endoscope, prior to electrosurgical excision and for the infusion of fluid for clearing the field of view, applying dye spray, clot removal, injection of hemostatic agents to control post polypectomy bleeding, and tattooing of sites for future surveillance or surgical purposes.

Product information
Item no. Sheath Diameter Length Needle

Approxi-  mate Snare Size

Active Cord Connecion Unit/Box
BX00711089 3mm 230cm 23 Gauge X 5mm 2.5x4.0cm Olympus Style 5