Rotatable & Wire-guided Stone Extraction Basket

  • Composed of 4 single nitinol wires, 
  • The rotatable shape and the spiral shape of the basket facilitate the capture of stones,
  • In case a stone is blocked in the extraction basket, a basket wire can be broken to free the stone - connect to universal lithotripsy handle,
  • Compatible with short or long wire (0.035" max).
A product by Vytil
Item no. Basket dim. Catheter length Catheter dim. Minimal working channel dim. Unit
NLS/BKS-20-24-195G 20 mm 195 cm 3.1 mm 3.7 mm 5
NLS/BKS-30-24-195G 30 mm 195 cm 3.1 mm 3.7 mm 5