Glutton Life 2

Biopsy forceps

  • Graduated catheter to easily identify the biopsy forceps progression within the working channel
  • All forceps are delivered with a sample retriever to reduce blood exposure risk


Item no. Biopsy forceps Forceps jaws Forceps spike PTFE coated Catheter length (cm) Catheter diameter (mm)
AN/AMHBFA Tracheo-bronchial Standard No Yes 110 1.8
AN/AMHBFA-WC Tracheo-bronchial Standard No No 110 1.8
AN/AMHBFC Tracheo-bronchial Alligator No Yes 110 1.8
AN/AMHBFC-WC Tracheo-bronchial Alligator No No 110 1.8
NLS/BFO-18-160 Pediatric Standard No Yes 160 1.8
NLS/BFO-24-160 Gastric Standard No Yes 160 2.4
NLS/BFOS-24-160 Gastric Standard Yes Yes 160 2.4
NLS/BFC-24-160 Gastric Alligator No Yes 160 2.4
NLS/BFCS-24-160 Gastric Alligator Yes Yes 160 2.4
NLS/BFO-24-230 Gastric and colonic Standard No Yes 230 2.4
NLS/BFOS-24-230 Gastric and colonic Standard Yes Yes 230 2.4
NLS/BFC-24-230 Gastric and colonic Alligator No Yes 230 2.4
NLS/BFCS-24-230 Gastric and colonic Alligator Yes Yes 230 2.4